I don’t clam I do everything in web marketing, but I do well the things I do, looking at results I obtain and feedbacks from clients and peers.

Since many years working in Search Marketing, my excellence areas are SEO, both on-site (technical and content) and off-site (link building) and Web Analytics.

Optimize your website so that it can obtain qualified traffic from search engines.

Optimize your conversion pages to obtain more leads and sales maximizing your visits.

Change domain or CMS without losing traffic and rankings in search engines.

Analyze your traffic to get strategical indications to better evaluate and define investments, attract more visitors and generate more sales.

Create effective content strategies to grow your audience and answers to the needings of people searching online.

Protect your brand in search engines and outrank negative citations.

Give your brand a WordPress magazine to communicate and intercept search engines users.

Connect with people on social networks to spread your brand, explain your message and have feedbacks from fans or clients.

Earn quality links and get the most from your existing ones, to increase brand awareness and visits to your website.

Have an international SEO optimization to sell your products worldwide through search engines.

Think your mobile SEO strategy: people are using smartphones and tablets more and more.

Increase your rankings in for localized queries through a Local SEO strategy.