14 SEO’s I want to thank for 2012 (and you might follow in 2013)

Dec 10, 2012 | SEO
14 SEO’s I want to thank for 2012 (and you might follow in 2013)

The 2012 is almost at its end and many blogs are already publishing “advices” for the next year. Rather than adding another post to the accelerating 2013 carousel, I just want to share a list of SEO’s I want to thank for what they’ve given me during this year.
In most cases motivations will be personal, so I guess many of you will be not interested that much in them, but if you look at my Twitter followings you’ll see they are less than 200. Not so much, I’d say. And I was already following these people before I had any occasion to chat or talk with them. This should tell you that, although reasons I’m citing them might be personal, you should still consider looking at them as noticeable personalities in the SEO industry and follow them in 2013.
And after this short introduction, let me start (following the order of my Twitter scraping Excel).

Anthony Pensabene

Anthony-PensabeneLong time ago, I tweeted something like this: “When it comes to content, Anthony is *the* man” so you can understand how much it’s been a pleasure for me to host him on my blog. Anthony’s one of the guys I’ve learnt the most from, during last months, regarding building relations and putting real value in your content. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with him.

Eric Ward

eric-wardIf I should name only one professional as a link building master, I’d say Eric Ward. I haven’t had many occasions to talk with him but his Link Moses Private newsletter (at a ridicolous low cost) is a great learning tool, besides being a mine of link opportunities. Eric doesn’t tweet so much and the newsletter is probably full, but try to stay update with what he writes (on SearchEngineLand, for example), you will not regret it.

Bill Slawski

bill-slawski-1Bill Slaswki doesn’t need any introduction, I guess, but if you don’t know why you should follow him, he’s the greatest patents expert in the SEO industry. His posts are always worth to be read and the entire community should thank him for time he spends trying to clarify dangerous misinformation (I can still remember this crazy post on Zdnet…). Bill also provided interesting concepts in my survey about anchor text future, but it’s only a plus. Must follow.

James Agate

james-agateIn my opinion James is one of the (not so much) new names among the industry professionals to keep an eye on. He’s built a reputation on a stream of excellent and concrete articles and every time I’ve read one of them I’ve found a solid takeaway. I really hope that having been the first one to accept to write a guest post on my blog will not affect his image a link builder! Check out his posts, you’ll see he knows what he talks about.

Simone Rinzivillo

rinziBeing my technical manager, Simone surely is one of the SEO people I owe more since working everyday with him has brought me to a deeper understanding of clients, projects and team management, not citing technical stuff. Unfortunately, he doesn’t tweet very much, but really I couldn’t make this list without him.

Annie Cushing

Annie-CushingSometimes data are hard to get and to understand, but surely Annie’s tips will make them sexier. Her column on SearchEngineLand is among my favourite ones and I’ve become an Excel fan also thanks to her. If this is not enough for you, check her phenomenal list of SEO tools. I do think she deserves your attention, besides my humble thanking.

Shelli Walsh

shelli_orangeShelli is one of the first non Italian people I’ve started interacting with, and she has been more than once a virtual travel companion on Twitter while I was covering 300km back to my parents home from Rome. Shelli is also the first name I think everytime I try to do some data visualization and invariably the result suck. How wonderful it would be, if I had a bit of her touch! If you’re interested in content marketing (you should), add her sharings to your stream.

Jon Cooper

jon-cooperJon’s blog has been among my favourite ones in 2012, a continuous source of inspiration and knowledge in the link building sphere, and having been invited to contribute to The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever has been an honor for me. You’ll find him in an huge number of must follow lists, and each of them is right. I’m just adding another one to the count. How many more do you need to accept the advice?

Jo Turnbull

Jo-TurnbullI’ve met Jo last July, when she’s been in Rome during her State of Search Euro 2012 Roadshow. Besides the thrill of an interview, it’s been a pleasure to spend a few hours with her talking of SEO (and not only) in Italy and in UK (mixing Italian, English and Spanish to communicate). Jo is often travelling, meeting and interviewing professionals in Europe and USA. Follow her and you’ll get lots of interesting point of views on our job around the world.

Gianluca Fiorelli

Gianluca-FiorelliGianluca and I met last summer in Rome and it’s been a pleasure for me to know the most internationally active Italian SEO. I want to thank Gianluca as a testimonial of our country that shows the world that also Italy can play a role in the SEO scene. Since he writes on a number of well known sites, you won’t have any difficulty to recognize his contribute to our industry.

Justin Briggs

justin-briggsJustin is someone I admire a lot, not only for being a genius but also for his hustle in building his way as an SEO leader after personal hard experiences. Although my story is different I can find between them some similarities and for me Justin remains an extraordinary example of the results one can get by following his passions. Chapeau!

Annalisa Hilliard

Annalisa HillardWhen Annalisa invited me to write on PolePositionMarketing blog, it’s been a nice unattended event as it was the first time someone asked me for a guest post. The result it’s been a case study that helped me to start building a little trust and to connect with a few other people. I surely I’ve to thank her for this, but I also suggest following her since I can’t count the times I’ve found interesting link building posts in her tweets.

Simone Chiaromonte

Simone-ChiaromonteSimone has been sitting next to me during this year and he’s been a great colleague. I’m not a coder while he is a pretty good one, so his skills have been a perfect match to mine. He’s now backing to his hometown and I wish him every luck. If you like having cool WordPress and Magento tweets in your stream, consider following him, I’ve found gems among his sharings.

Julie Joyce

Julie-Joyce>No way to end this list without naming Julie, because she is awesome (having defined me fantastic doesn’t influence my opinion) and because she has given so many insights with her posts during this year I can’t count them. You could just look at her columns on SearchEngineLand or SearchEngineWatch and remain overwhelmed by the mass of informations she has shared with us. I highly suggest you don’t miss her pieces!


This post was intented to thank the people that mostly have accompanied my SEO 2012, but there are others that have played a role as well (Peter Attia, Andrea Pernici, Irish Wonder, Sean Revell, Ian Howells and I’m surely forgetting someone – please forgive me in advance) but I also don’t want to forget those ones who are following me, that don’t know me in person and hopefully added me because they think I can give them something valuable. This list is still short but maybe next year it will be a little longer.
I’ll try to do my best to deserve your attention.
Thanks again,

12 comments for “14 SEO’s I want to thank for 2012 (and you might follow in 2013)”

  • Back at you, Giuseppe. I’ve seen you lay down law in a number of your posts, I especially liked the Moz /Twitter post from July.


    Great list up there. I got to meet Jon Cooper and Julie Joyce last week. Incredible minds – Julie is full punk rock.

    • Thanks, Anthony, I hope I’ll be able to write some good ones in the next months. Since I don’t post so often, at least I’ve to publish something worthing to be read!

  • Thanks for the shout, Giuseppe! It was great to have you write for us, you definitely bring value to the community.

    Look forward to more collaboration in the future! Keep up the great work!

    • It’ll be a pleasure, Annalisa, and thanks for passing by!

  • Thank you Giuseppe! I’ve learned plenty from you as well! -Eric

    • You’re welcome, Eric, and I’m honored for your words (too kind, I’m really far from having done anything remarkable, but I’m working on it!)

  • Hate to be just another comment saying thanks, but I really do appreciate it Giuseppe. You’re honestly one of the few people in the industry publishing new, creative link building ideas (yet you don’t get enough credit as you deserve), so right back at you!

    • Hey Jon, thanks for your esteem, it means a lot for me. I know good ideas not always translate well into practice, but I like doing things differently. I’ll try to keep my next posts enough interesting again…

  • The best colleague and friend I could ever meet in my work-life 🙂

    • mate, don’t waste time telling me things I already know 😛
      Go work on that new site and have shit done soon 😉

  • Great list! I have turned to at least half of these experts this year for advice and have surely devoured articles written by the other half. It is inspiring to work in a field with experts that entrench themselves into the community and give back to the industry.

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