6 SEOs I thank for 2013 (and you might follow for 2014)

Dec 12, 2013 | SEO
6 SEOs I thank for 2013 (and you might follow for 2014)

Another year has passed and many blogs are already publishing their predictions for 2014. Like last december, instead, I just want to say thanks to a few people that have added value to my SEO 2013. Last year I named 14 awesome SEOs; I’m now adding 6 more. It’s a little number, I know, but this isn’t a tweetbait post and the people I cited in 2013 are still among my favourite ones.
I suggest considering checking out their blogs and following them on Twitter.
Here are the names, in no particular order.

Richard Baxter

b1bca51ae06c840f183cb0c8a413c420OK, it’s very unlikely you don’t follow Richard Baxter yet, but he surely is one of the SEOs that has most influenced me during this year and I couldn’t make this list without naming him. Richard is one of the smartest guys out there and his SEOGadget for Excel is pure magic. Having had the chance to meet him at SMX Milan has been definitely great for me.

Chris Dyson

05ec388cc1a3ea72a76daac147dde2b8Chris Dyson is one the SEOs I esteem the most. I admit I didn’t know him well but during 2013 I’ve kept a closer eye on what he writes or says. His Link building psychology post has been one of my favourite readings this year, and Chris is the type of guy that prefers doing rather than talking. High signal and no noise.

John-Henry Scherck

d7ac2fd6d788d54f55f94f2650fd838dJohn-Henry rarely comes out with ideas that are less than interesting. I’ve read a number of brilliant posts from him this year, and when I look at speeding up, scaling and improving efficiency by automating activities (see this post, for example) I first check if he’s already done something related to my needs (often, yes).

Glen Allsop

glen-allsopLadies and gentlemen, say hello to Mr. ViperChill. Not strictly an SEO, Glen is a guy I’ve tried to learn from coming to building and growing traffic to sites. He’s also a good source to check what is going on in SERPs (see this post about QDF exploitation): if you want to make money online, don’t miss reading his blog.

Joel Klettke

c498117242476de47d1b6ce10584bdd5A post that Joel has published recently says a lot about him: he’s refused a double wage as an SEO to go freelance as a copyrighter. Having done something similar in my career, I can completely understand him, but it’s not just for the courage that I admire him. Check out any of his posts at iAcquire blog and you’ll know my suggestion to follow him is totally a good one.

Enrico Altavilla

sb-lowEnrico has been one of my SEO reference points since… well, since always, so it’s quite strange to me cite him now. But better later than never. Unfortunately his blog is only in Italian, but he’s very active in English on Google+ so if you want to check out what he talks about you still have the chance to.


This list is just a way to link out to people have contributed to my SEO year somehow.
Thanks also to those who are following me. I don’t always offer brilliant ideas, but I hope at least not to add crap to the industry.


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  • Giuseppe, I don’t know what to say – other than thank you. Not for just the kind words, but for using our tools and being a supporter of what I’m trying to change in our industry. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

  • Hi Richard, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂
    I hope to have to meet again as well; it will surely be a pleasure for me!

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